Be a Sharp Cell Phone Consumer with Rocket Owl


The no-contract wireless and prepaid cell phone service providers like Rocket Owl are experiencing a big boost in consumer demand. Try to explain why it is happening and the reasons soon become obvious. The primary reason is because they are becoming the best cell phone service all the way around.
Companies, like Rocket Owl pair up with other reputable companies, like Page Plus Cellular, to create user-friendly and budget-friendly cell phone data plans which are flexible for almost anybody. It is because they want to provide the best cell phone service around, that people are noticing. Even those who swear by the top cell phone companies.
Page Plus is consistently ranked high among wireless providers for low rates, flexible plans and exceptional customer service. There is no-contract and never a credit check with Page Plus Cellular makes owning a cell phone affordable, with plans for every pocketbook.
Pick from a variety of plans with Rocket Owl. This cellular service provider offers pay-as-you-go plans starting at only 10 dollars. On the monthly auto renew ‘set & forget’ there are phone data plans as low as $12. Activation and Port-ins are free. Rocket Owl has great phone and phone data plan combination packages to get you started easily. With your FREE to join Rocket Owl membership, your 12th month cell phone bill is free with Rocket Owl.
No More Stress
Why struggle with a contract and sweat over dollars, long drawn out expensive contracts, fear of termination, and poor customer service when you ultimately can have control over your own cell phone situation? For many cell phone users, the idea of prepaid seems awkward when they are so used to paying at end of month. Yet if they changed their mindset a little, and paid a month ahead, they would see at the end of the year just how much money they have saved, and how much stress they left behind.
Once a consumer catches on to an idea, and actually tries something new, the abundance of benefits seem to come alive for them, and this would explain the sudden switch for thousands of cell phone users to a no-contract wireless provider. images
Better data plans, same great nationwide coverage
There are some pretty good deals at Rocket Owl with their data plans, and cell phone with service packages. Better than what you would receive at traditional top cell phone companies. Sure, those companies might lure you in with a sweet opening, but can you cancel your contract at anytime without financial penalty? After all, you most likely are still paying on the new upgrade phone and will be until the next upgrade comes out. Then the cycle starts all over again.
It is crazy to shop for cell phones and service like this. Face the facts; it is just too expensive in the long run. Alternative cell phone companies like Rocket Owl don’t penalize you if you want to change or cancel your plan. They also don’t want any personal information from you. All the decisions about your service and data plan are left strictly up to you without any hassle. Be a wise consumer, and explore your options for cell phone service, don’t leave it up to someone else to control for you.

AT&T Good to GoPhone


AT&T has its own concept of a prepaid phone service and the device comes as the “GoPhone”. Earlier last year the company introduced enhanced smartphone plans at no additional cost for the extra data. Even more appealing are the plans giving consumers the capability to turn their smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Who wouldn’t want this? Still all with access to the 4G LTE network, and no contract; that’s right, you heard it here…no contract. For all you budget minded users, this is a sweet deal. You will still have unlimited text, including unlimited international between U.S. and Mexico, Canada and a select 100 other countries.
Here is the new AT&T smartphone data upgrade:
• Increased data from 2 to 2.5 GB for $60 a month + enabled Wi-Fi hotspot capability + unlimited talk
• Increased data from 200 to 500MB for $40 a month + 500 minutes of talk
• Available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide, a new plan with 1GB of data for $45 a month + unlimited talk

AT&T looks at the new changes as being all about value. “Today’s consumers expect great value and choice, which is exactly what we’re bringing to our GoPhone customers,” said Mark Collins, AT&T Mobility senior vice president of data and voice products. “By adding more data and enabling a Wi-Fi hotspot capability at no additional cost and with no annual contract, we’re giving customers more for less, and making it even easier for them to enjoy their smartphones the way they want – all on a superior, reliable network.”
They are also adding a GoPhone lineup of basic messaging plans with a $45 a month option. This phone plan is set to include unlimited data, unlimited text and talk, and unlimited texts to over a 100 select countries.
What to know about this plan: Unlimited data: First 2GB at speeds up to 3G. Basic and messaging are capable of 2G or 3G speeds. 4G speeds not available. After 2GB allowance is used, speeds are reduced to 123Kbps max for remainder of 30 day period. Actual speeds vary by device and location []
With GoPhone you can get to bring your own tablet or phone. You can also get a mobile hotspot. If you do not have a device, you can choose from a variety of AT&T 4G and 4G LTE phones. You also have the option to select a plan that directly fits your needs and budget.
AT&T is a cell phone service provider to pay attention to; the company is reeling in awards in every area. The ones to take notice of are “M2M Cellular Service Provider of the Year” and “Top Wireless Consumer Experience Award”. Maybe AT&T is working overtime to be sure their customers receive the value the company insists upon. The GoPhone is worth checking out if you want a prepaid mobile device. At least you know the company is reputable and the deals are always swinging.



There are a lot of prepaid mobile services out there. Finding a good one takes time and perseverance. Some new companies have strong initial promotional deals but fade after roping in your business. Cricket is a pretty stable and established prepaid mobile service. The company has reliable and dependable phone data plans for everyone.
Basically Cricket offers three simple prepaid monthly plan choices, then you can add on features to suit your needs and budget. In September, the company increased their high-speed data allowances. Their existing customers got a good surprise when they saw their data increase.
For unlimited talk, text and data plans, Cricket offers the following plans:
Basic $40.00 monthly with 1GB
Smart $50.00 monthly with 3GB
Pro $60.00 monthly with 10GB

If you just need basic talk, with no data, Cricket offers unlimited calling and texting in the U.S. for only $25/month. On a Smart or Pro plan, you can go outside the U.S. to over 35 countries worldwide.
On every plan, you will enjoy standard features included in each plan. Some of these features include voicemail, call forwarding, dialing shortcuts and of course, the unlimited call, data, texting and domestic messaging. Also standard in the Cricket plans are caller ID, call waiting, and three way calling. Cricket also supports free messaging short codes. Alerts like social media updates, bank alerts, and coupons. They also provide an option to opt out of any these services.
Should you decide to go on Auto Pay provided by Cricket services, you will receive a $5 bill credit. Another way to save money is to add eligible lines to your mobile account in return saving up to a $100.
Cricket plans also include a quick start guide and user manual, as well as links to help you set up the calling features on your mobile device. After you choose a plan suited to you, you have the option to customize this plan with add-on features.
Add on one-time or monthly-recurring any of these:
1GB Data
Cricket Protect Insurance
Cricket International
Cricket International Extra
Cricket International Roaming Mexico

These features are available on the day you add them until the billing cycle ends. Cricket will allow you to change your plan up to two times per billing cycle.

Media, games, music or other applications are purchased separately through the device’s online stores such as Google Play, Apple iTunes and App Store or Windows.cricketttt

Cricket prepaid mobile phone services are solid. The company makes getting a data plan very budget friendly as well as user friendly. Many people who use Cricket do so because they are a reputable and established prepaid phone service. Shop and compare other prepaid mobile services with Cricket and discover simplicity in using Cricket as your cell phone provider.



TracFone is the leading prepaid mobile service

TracFone is the leading prepaid mobile service

TracFone is a prepaid wireless operates as an MVNO reselling service from over 30 other providers. They were the first company to offer no contract, pay-as-you-go plans in a prepaid service. TracFone has since built around this concept and are now offering even more to loyal users. One excellent quality TracFone does provide is rollover minutes. This is often hard to find in prepaid services. Remaining minutes balanced tracked on handset. This is a patented airtime balance display provided by TracFone so your usage is easy to manage. You can change plans at anytime without penalties or costs.

Another unique feature about TracFone is their Refer-a-Friend program which offers free service minutes in exchange for referring a friend who purchases service. One of the strongest features about TracFone is they offer flexible service options without a contract commitment. You also can choose between many networks and technologies. Inexpensive handsets are available.

TracFone also has protection for your phone with one of their “Easy Exchange Programs”. There are two coverage options, both provide insurance against electrical failure, mechanical failure, and works on an annual prepay option. The plus coverage will throw in protection from liquid damage and accidental damage from handling as well as give you a monthly payment option. This is a superior service from TracFone for peace of mind.

Free minutes from TracFone

Free minutes from TracFone

• TracFone is America’s #1 National No-Contract Wireless service provider.
• No contract, No Bills, No Daily or Monthly fees.
• Nationwide Coverage on America’s Best and Most Dependable Networks.
• Call Nationally, Internationally or Roam at local call rates.
• Lowest out of pocket cost for Phone and Service.
• Calls to over 100 international destinations.
• Phones from great manufacturers such as Samsung, and LG.
• No Credit Check or Credit Card required.
• TracFone cell phones and airtime available at over 90,000 retailers nationwide.
• Keep your existing phone number or get a new one. (Tracfone)
TracFone offers “Choose Your Savings” data plans as follows:
1 year –get $15 dollars off or 300 minutes free!
450 minutes—$79.00 90 days service, 50 minutes free!
200 minutes–$39.99 90 days service, 40 minutes free!
120 minutes–$29.99 90 days service, 30 minutes free!
60 minutes–$19.99 90 days service
30 minutes–$ 9.99 30 days service
Data cards for Android phones with carryover:
750 MB –$20.00
The best way to get more power in your money and service is to check out TracFone’s web exclusives. You will find better deals online then is offered in stores. It is relatively easy to maneuver around TracFone’s website. Check out their “bundle” offers. There are some amazing deals going on with a handset and data plan combo (some are offering up data plans with triple minutes for life). TracFone has been a gentle company to deal with. They want you to ‘know your service’ and have remained, putting the control in your hands.

Movida Wireless



Movida Wireless Headquarters are located in Florida so it made sense for this little marketing company to offer the Movida Wireless prepaid cell phone services to primarily a Hispanic population. Now Movida Wireless has expanded from Miami, Florida to nationally offering an alternative to the contract providers. This prepaid service offers a selection of options from as little as 10 cents a minute to unlimited (this does include unlimited night and weekend minutes. Airtime refills are easy to find at many retailers or they can be purchased online.
Price                 Talk                          Text
$50             1000 Minutes         1000 Messages
$35               600 Minutes           600 Messages
$20               300 Minutes           300 Message
The company operates along the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. Movida Wireless skips the contracts, credit checks, and activation fees. It is with your initial purchase you will activate your phone. This prepaid provider makes it very easy to manage your phone and data plan, and very easy to budget.

• No requirement of credit check and contract
• Free long distance calls included
• No roaming charge
• Nationwide coverage
• Affordable rate plans
• Skillful customer service
• Reasonable international call – starts with 5 cents per minute
• Caller ID, Voice mail and Call waiting
• No charge for activation
Movida is one of the most accessible refill providers. They have made it so user friendly right on the page to be able to activate or buy more minutes than many other prepaid services. Activation is handled in only 2 steps which are done right from your phone. It is a wonder people will still lock into these 2 year contracts, have to reach stretches to pay their high monthly bill, struggle through customer service waits; when companies like Movida Wireless have simultaneously eliminated the hassle. Just one simple rate (and you don’t even have to worry about the country you are calling to because of nationwide long distance service). images
Prepaid cell phone services optimally will save you money and always keep a phone in your hands. More and more people are switching from the old way of phone contracts to prepaid cell phone providers. When looking around, check out what Movida Wireless prepaid has to supply in data plans. Be easy on your pocketbook—go Movida.

Net 10 Wireless

net10Net 10 Wireless wants you. They want you to come check out something you could be missing with your other data providers. People who care about their pocketbook would be interested in this service. People who want more value for their dollar would want this. Net 10 Wireless mobile services offers versatility in their phone plans.
In the Pay-as-you-go plans you could be paying as little as 20 dollars for 30 days and 200 minutes; or if you prefer longer than 30 days then the 900 minute plan for 90 days is only 60 dollars. In between these two plans, are a variety of other options all created for the individual user’s needs. The Pay-as-you-go plans are simple, no nonsense plans which allow for the individual user to purchase minutes in bulk, and this keeps the worry from being out of minutes at bay. Even more useful, is if you still have minutes left at the end of the month, these will rollover.
Family plans created by Net 10 Wireless also reign pretty inexpensive as pre pay services go. If you are a 2 phone family, you can get talk-text-web for 90 dollars; 3 phone families are 130 dollars and a family of 4 phones is 170 dollars. There are many other types of data plans available for families who discipline their budget.
If you need the unlimited voice, texts, and especially the high quality international calling, then go for the 65 dollar plan which gives 1.5GB web data. You can get this without the international calling for only 50 dollars. You have the option for a plan more centered for you if you need more data. Net 10 Wireless offers a straightforward list of data plans.Net10$65-500x500
By using Net 10 Wireless, all those hidden costs and fees are gone. The ability to customize gives you the customer control over your mobile device. Your specialized plan is created to suit your budget and data usage. If you need to make changes, Net 10 Wireless will assist you. Picking out a data provider service is all about flexibility. More people are choosing to go outside of traditional providers in exchange for versatile services. As demand for these data service providers continue to go up, the data plans will continue to user friendly and customizable. Net 10 Wireless is continually evolving with the customer in mind. The reliability of their services is only good business
Net 10 Wireless’ motto is: services and phones “rewired”. There is neither a contract nor a compromise for you. You will still get exceptional service, you are not locked in, and you can bring your own phone and number. You will get America’s best providers at half the cost. They also offer smartphones, if you choose an upgrade. Get ready to hop on with Net 10 Wireless, and all you know about mobile services “rewired”.

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Phone Store Software

Phone Store Software

Cell phones have become an integral component of our lives and for many it is almost a necessity.   Keeping in touch with family and friends, or as tool in a persons job or business.

phone-store-softwareThe fact is there is now more cell phones in use in the United States, then the entire population.  Each one of these users is paying someone each and every month for their cell phone service.  Why not be that local merchant that provides them with this critical component of their lives.

Each month, as your customers pay for another 30 days of cell phone service – you earn a profit.  The sweetest part about running a phone store, is that there are residual, or repeating sales 12 months of the year.  It becomes a steady source of revenue and profits.

Phone Store Software has made starting and running a phone store, or even just adding another revenue Plus profit stream to your existing retail business, as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Starting with the ability to sell and immediately provide PIN numbers from over 200 plans
  • Complete Customer Database that allows you to keep track of renewal dates
  • Automatically text your customers to remind them to stop by and renew their phone plan
  • Competitive Discounts on All the best phone carrier plans
  • Control Panel access to wholesale priced phones and accessories
  • Auto-Renew feature allows your customers to automatically pay their monthly phone plan
  • Phone Store Software is a complete POS (Point of Sale) phone card system
  • Easy to use Interface
  • And Much much more….

Look at the Facts about Cell Phone Plans

  • Almost Everyone Has a Cell Phone
  • Everyone of those people pay someone every month for cell phone service
  • Why not have them buy from you – the local merchant?
  • Phone Store Software makes it simple to make this product line available to your customers

Learn more about starting your own cell phone service business, or about adding this service to your current retail establishment, go visit


MIFI Data Plans

MIFI Data Plans

SelecTel is rapidly becoming the go to source for no-contract mifi wireless access. Utilizing the largest 3g network in the country, SelecTel is offering an option of 3 different wireless mifi plans.

MIFI Data Plans with SelecTel

MIFI Data Plans with SelecTel

  • $20/1 GB of mobile broadband data usage
  • $35/3 GB of mobile broadband data usage
  • $50/ 5 GB of mobile broadband data usage



Users like SelecTel’s free roamingfeature and the ability to instantly to bump up their services, SelecTel Wireless currently treats new activations with a Novatel MiFi 2200 hotspot for free. This hotspot supports connection for up to five users.

In addition to these powerful MIFI data plans, SelecTel offers great wireless phone plans that also use the Verizon network.  One factor that seperatees SelecTel from all of the other MVNO’s out there is they are setup on a postpaid and no roaming charges.  What this means to the user is there are no unexpected roaming charges and equally important is they don’t charge you extra because you talked or texted to much.

SelecTel phone plans start with a low cost of only $15 month for  300 minutes of talk, 300 text messages, and 15mb of web – the perfect plan for low usage users who still want to occasionally hop on the web for a score or weather update.

SeleTel’s next plan is only a buck a day and provides 1300 minutes/month, 3000 text messages, and even includes 300MB of web.  All the juice for about half the price of the “big boys”.

For another $10 – or $40/mo, you can have unlimited talk and text anywhere in the USA.  We hear reports that SelecTel provides coverage in the Canadian and Mexican border areas that often times show no coverage with Verizon and ATT.  This $40/mo plan also includes 200 MB of web.

The SelecTel $55 plan provides unlimited talk – unlimited text – and even includes 2GB of web – so you get amazing features and a very reasonable cost.

If you still need a bit more data for your phone, you can easily opt for the $65/mo plan with unlimited talk and text PLUS a whopping 4GB of web – WOW!

You can access all of SelecTel Wireless MIFI data plans and wireless phone plans at


Air Voice Phone Plans

Air Voice Phone Plans

In today’s market, cell phone services can get complicated and overwhelming. Airvoice Wireless ensures that their customers have easy, accommodating plans for everyone. In fact, Airvoice Wireless earnestly tries to make their services as flexible as possible by offering optional features to their base plans.

AirVoice Phone Plans

AirVoice Phone Plans

This phone service has three base plans from which you may choose. There are the the longer term “pay as you go” plans, monthly unlimited plans, and the simple “250 Minute” plan.

Focusing on long term service, the pay as you go plan expires after multiple months, unlike the other plans. The pay as you go plan offers an initial bulk of minutes for a set price, but you do not have to worry about minutes running out, because each minute after your initial bulk costs 10¢, the same price for each minute of your initial amount of minutes. The bulk options include $10 for 100 minutes expiring after 90 days, $21 for 210 minutes expiring after 120 days, and $32 dollars for 320 minutes expiring after 150 days. This plan gives the customer complete control over their bill by charging a certain amount for each minute as well as offering options to add on to your plan. You can choose to use additional services such as text messaging for 10¢ per message, international calling to over 70 countries for varying rates, MMS for 10¢ per message, and web browsing data for $0.066 per MB. Having different options allows you to control the charges on your bill.

If you have need of unlimited services as well as web browsing data, the unlimited, monthly plans offer you all of Airvoice’s services for unlimited use. These monthly plans all offer unlimited minutes, text messages, MMS, international calls, and international SMS. There are four of these plans, varying only in price and web browsing data. The first plan offers all of the unlimited services aforementioned as well as 3GB of web browsing data for $60. The second offers 2GB of web browsing data for $50, with the third plan offering 1GB for $40 and the fourth offering 500MB for $30 dollars. The fourth plan also has a 300 minute limit for international calling for the first month of service.

The last plan, the 250 Minute plan, offers 250 minutes and 500 text messages for a monthly charge of $10 with no nationwide long distance and roaming charges. Similar to the pay as you go plans, there are additional services you can choose to use: web browsing data for $0.066 per MB and MMS, International MMS and SMS for $0.10 per message. This plan charges $0.04 per minute after exceeding the initial 250 minute limit and $0.02 per message after exceeding the initial 500 text message limit.  Get Best AirVoice Online Price with instant discount here.

RedPocket Plans

RedPocket GSMA Plans Explained

With RedPocket as a service provider, you are offered many different plans from which you may choose based on your needs. With its “bring your own phone” policy and nationwide GSM coverage, RedPocket wants to provide great customer service, as well as phone service. If you’ve ever been spending too much on needless phone services, this company can help you optimize your plan so that you have a phone service fit for you with a good price as well.

RedPocket Plans

RedPocket Plans

The plans offered boil down to four plans but there are many other variations of these plans to suit your needs. The first of which is the best value, having unlimited talk, text, international calls, mobile web, and global MMS at only $49.99 per 30 days. A simple plan with the most features coupled with your own phone makes an amazing service focused on you, the customer. However, there is a downside; this service will have full speeds up to 500MB with reduced speeds thereafter.

RedPocket Plans – More Info

The second plan is for customers who use lots of cellular data but still want an affordable price. This plan offers 3GB of mobile web data, free international texting and free international calling, as well as unlimited talk, text, and global MMS. Focusing on providing much data for a low price of $59.99 per 30 days, this plan is unique for its 3GB of mobile web data and its unlimited MMS.
The third plan is for moderate users of cellular data and international callers at a price of $39.99 per 30 days. It offers 500MB of mobile web data, free international texting, and unlimited international calling to featured destinations such as Canada, China, select Mexican cities, and the United Kingdom. It also provides unlimited talk, text, and global MMS. Aimed at the international aspect of phone service, this plan may have some limitations, depending on how you would perceive them, but it’s a good value nonetheless.
Finally, the fourth plan is intended for low users of mobile web at a price of $29.99 per 30 days, offering 100MB of mobile web data, while still having unlimited talk, text, and global MMS. This is a great plan for customers who use little data but still want all the standard services at an unlimited rate, all the while not needing to worry about data charges for texting and calling. Access RedPocket Discount Pricing

PagePlus Plans

PagePlus Plans

At the moment, there are a couple of prepaid phone companies out-there in the market, but there is one company in particular that is causing a great amount of buzz among consumers for its mind-blowing affordable plans:

PagePlus Plans

PagePlus Plans

PagePlus Plans
Page Plus works very hard to bring you the best mobile phones and the best prepaid plans, with nationwide coverage, that are convenient, simple, and smart. This company is one of the largest prepaid mobile phone providers in the United States. They can do a lot to help your family and you save time, hassles, and money.
PagePlus plans contain great features, and you are able to switch plans with them whenever you feel like it. Page Plus offers reliable coverage on one of the largest networks in the United States. It is simple to start, use, and manage. Page Plus is frequently ranked high among wireless providers for its flexible plans, exceptional customer service, and low rates.
They offer no contract monthly plans that fit your life and match your lifestyle. You can attain the plan of 10 MB, 250 minutes, and 250 texts for just $12.00 USD. The $29.95 USD plan is for 1200 minutes, 3000 texts, and 500 MB.
If you are the type of person who likes to talk a lot on the phone, then you should opt for one of their three unlimited plans. For $39.95 USD, you’ll get unlimited text and talk and 1 GB. If you need an unlimited plan that contains more than 1 GB, there is the $55.00 USD plan that has 3 GB and the $69.95 USD that has 5 GB.
If you don’t like dealing with monthly plans, Page Plus has pay-as-you-go plans, as well. If you are okay with just 100 minutes, you will only pay $10.00 USD. For $25.00 USD you get 416 minutes, for $50.00 USD you get 1000 minutes, and for $80.00 USD you get 2000 minutes.
If you need to make international calls, you can add the $9.00 USD global calling card on your monthly or pay-as-you-go plan. How great is that?
As you can tell, Page Plus has a mobile plan for every budget. It is one of the cheapest prepaid phone companies you’ll ever find in the market. For this matter, if you are tired of paying ridiculous sums to your cell phone service provider, give Page Plus a shot. It is totally worth it!  For the Best Prices on PagePlus Plans Click Here

GSM Phone Plans

GSM Phone Plans

Looking for GSM services and phones, and information?  Then you at the right place.  Read on to discover exactly what advantages there are in making use of these services and phones:


About GSM

Abbreviated as GSM, the Global System for Mobile Communication is one of the most popular worldwide wireless phone innovations. Currently, over 1 billion people utilize GSM around the world.

Many cellphone operators offer GSM phones and services across 100 % of their service areas. These consist of ATT, AirVoice, AllTel, NextG, Cricket and RedPocket to name a few.

Advantages of GSM Phones and Services.

These phones and services offer exceptional roaming capabilities all around the world. Exactly what is more, the services are cordless.

Prevalence of GSM

There are a number of innovations used by companies in supplying cordless services. In as much as none of them might emerge as the standard technology to be utilized, GSM has actually already been mainstreamed in more than 219 countries and territories.

It serves over 3 billion individuals while supplying travelers the gain access to they have to mobile services throughout their tours and journeys.

If you are looking for GSM phones and services, then you can unwind. Check out on to discover what benefits there are in making use of these phones and services:.